Samuel L. Jackson joins RoboCop remake

RoboCop has added another major player to its steadily expanding cast list, with Samuel L. Jackson the latest A-list name to attach himself to the project.

According to Heat Vision , Jackson is set to play a character named Pat Novak, a charismatic TV mogul who carries a lot of sway in the universe being created by director Jose Padilha.

Jackson joins a cast that includes The Killing 's Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop himself, as well as Gary Oldman as the scientist responsible for the transforming plain old Alex Murphy into a mechanised law enforcer.

Filming on the project is expected to begin in Toronto in September, with MGM hoping to have the film ready in time for a release date somewhere around summer 2013.

Kinnaman himself recently described the film as telling, "a new story within the old one," and the introduction of new characters for Jackson and Oldman would seem to support that theory. Colour us intrigued...

George Wales

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