Sam Rockwell loves Sweet Baby Jesus

Sam Rockwell has been gradually been getting cooler. We loved him in Moon . He’s fresh from Iron Man 2 .

And now it seems he’ll appear in a comic retelling of the Christian Nativity named Sweet Baby Jesus.... wait, what?

According to Deadline, Rockwell is keen to play Joe, a normal guy who is taking his pregnant girlfriend Mary to Bethlehem, Maryland when the Media gets word there may be a Second Coming…

Sam Rockwell

Strange decision? Well possibly, but not quite as out-there as the mix of faces he may be appearing alongside….

At present, British popster Pixie Lott has been cast as the modern-day Mary, Kim Catrall will be playing her mother Darlene and Bette Midler is the innkeeper who informs the young couple that there’s no room at the inn.

Plus (if that wasn’t enough), it’s also a French / British co-production to be helmed by the director of Garfield , Peter Hewitt. So... should be interesting.

Exciting? Sacrilege? Sacrebleu? Regardless, shooting for this indie comedy starts in August.

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