Rumour: Hayley Atwell signs on for Agent Carter series?

An interesting story doing the rounds this morning is that Hayley Atwell has signed a deal to star in a new Marvel TV series, based around her Captain America character, Agent Peggy Carter.

Having already developed the character further in the well-received Agent Carter One-Shot, Atwell has often hinted at being open to a return, and it would seem that the small screen is the medium through which that could happen.

No official confirmation has emerged from Marvel, although The Daily Mirror (yes, we know) is reporting the story as a done deal.

“I’d be interested to show different sides of Peggy,” said Atwell in an earlier interview. “Although she’s kick-ass, and she can be aggressive and just as competent as the men, it’d be nice to show that she’s a feminist in a way.”

“It’s not just about her being aggressive and as aggressive as the men in those action sequences, but being able to be a little bit more rounded as a person.”

We’ll be keeping our beady eyes on Marvel for any sort of confirmation over the coming weeks…

George Wales

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