Romancing The Stone getting a remake

20th Century Fox has decided that what we all really need is a remake of 1984’s adventure comedy Romancing The Stone.

It’s been a TV staple for years, but now the film – which helped launch the film careers of Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito and remodelled Kathleen Turner as a romantic lead – will be remade.

If you’ve never seen it, allow us to plot-dump: Romancing followed a repressed romance novelist looking for her missing sister in Colombia, only to get caught up with an American soldier of fortune.

Tragic history

She ends up on an adventure involving a map, a jewel and a militia force.

The film itself had a tragic history attached – screenwriter Diane Thomas found huge success with the script (her first), but died in a car crash a year after the film was released.

Eagle Eye co-writer Daniel McDermott is penning the new version, but there’s no producer, director or cast attached yet.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

Question: Which of your favourite ‘80s movies are you worried will be remade next?