Riddick to return?

Somehow, somewhere, something went a little wrong with The Chronicles Of Riddick. After the cult success of Pitch Black introduced us to Vin Diesel’s enigmatic, arse-kicking planet hopper, we had expectations.

Still this doesn’t stop Mr D from ploughing on with the project, which was originally intended as a trilogy of adventures for the goggled wearing space bandit.

“It's coming. It took me five years to make The Chronicles of Riddick, and I'm very precious about it,” Vin states in his Malboro-soaked tones.

“Hopefully it won't take five years for the next one, but when I was in the process of creating this mythology for Chronicles of Riddick, the idea was to create a story, a trilogy, that would start at the end of Pitch Black in the same way that Lord of the Rings is a trilogy that starts at the end of The Hobbit. I wrote a storyline that covered three pictures, so where Riddick goes in the next two pictures is already mapped out. It's not in script form, but it is being developed, and it is going to surface when you least expect it.”

That’s Vin Diesel comparing himself to Tolkien folks. Tomorrow, we bring you Michael Bay talking about how he’s the new Billy Wilder…

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