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Pierce Brosnan developing photojournalist biopic

Pierce Brosnan’s production company DreamTime is developing the life story of legendary Hungarian photojournalist Robert Capa.

While it’s still in the early stages – no solid word on whether Brosnan will nab the lead – the company has hired Lucky Number Slevin helmer Paul McGuigan to direct.

Capa was born Andre Friedman in Budapest and went on to produce amazing footage and photographs of several wars including the Spanish Civil War and World War Two. His images from the Normandy landings made him famous.

He lived a life full of celebrities, counting John Steinbeck among his friends and Ingrid Bergman among his lovers.

His story came to a tragic end when he stepped on a landmine during the Indochina War in 1954. So forget you read that bit if you want to be surprised by the end of the film.

McGuigan seems like a solid choice for the job, particularly since he used to be a photographer himself.

[Source: THR ]