The Boy director William Brent Bell to helm Orphan prequel Esther

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Prepare to discover the origins of underaged psychopath Leena Klammer, AKA Esther Coleman – the orphan who murdered the people who adopted her. Esther was the eponymous character of 2009's Orphan, and a prequel to that psychological horror has been announced. 

William Brent Bell – who previously helmed The Boy, The Devil Inside, and Wer – will direct the upcoming movie, titled Esther. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prequel will see Lena successfully escape from a Russian psychiatric facility and make her way to America, where she comes to impersonate "Esther," the missing daughter of a wealthy family. "But Lena’s daring escape pits her against a mother who will protect her family at any cost," the synopses adds.

David Coggeshall, the writer of Prey, has scripted the movie, which will start shooting later this year. Meanwhile, director Bell's new film, Brahms: The Boy II, reaches US cinemas later this week. He's currently working on a supernatural thriller titled Separation, which stars Rupert Friend and Brian Cox.

No casting decisions on Esther have been announced, but Isabelle Fuhrman – who played the character in the original movie – has presumably aged too much to return to the role. Unless they want to Irishman her? That may lead to a different type of horror altogether. 

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