Nick Stahl on for LA satire Burning Palms

Christopher Landon has assembled a sprawling ensemble cast for his LA satire Burning Palms, including T3’s Nick Stahl, Paz Vega and Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana.

The Hollywood Reporter ’s story mentions that Dylan McDermott, Lake Bell and Shannon Doherty are also aboard the film, which will tell five interlocked stories.

The characters in the tales confront taboos and their own, uncertain, fate.

Short Cuts

And clearly aiming for some sort of record with ensemble casts, Landon hasn't stopped at the list above. His actors also include Adriana Barraza, Colleen Camp, Jamie Chung, Robert Hoffman, Peter Macdissi, Emily Meade, Anson Mount, Rosamund Pike, Austin Williams and Tom Wright. Phew. Just saying it leaves us out of breath.

The writer is making his directorial debut with the movie, which he describes as “kind of like a John Waters version of Short Cuts.”

So… Rambling stories with extra nudity and weirdness? Could be fun. We’d send our LA bods to audition, but sneaky Langdon is already filming.

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