Mischa Barton joins The Sophomore

Films often change their names as they wend their way through the Hollywood development jungle and the clunky-named Assassination Of A High School President has done just that.

Now it’s called The Sophomore, and has nabbed a cast for its Chinatown-in-school-style machinations.

The OC’s Mischa Barton will star alongside Bruce Willis and his daughter Rumer in the film, which casts Barton as the most popular girl in a Catholic high school. But when she persuades a student reporter to investigate stolen exam papers, he stumbles upon a much bigger conspiracy swirling about the school.

Willis senior has agreed to play the school’s psycho headmaster, a Gulf War veteran who can’t let go of his past, while his daughter is Barton’s sidekick. We’d make a nepotism joke here, but Bruce might beat us up.

Brett Simon starts shooting the movie in August.