Miles Teller, Emmy Rossum and Kate Mara testing for Fantastic Four

Lots of rumours emerging this morning from Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, with THR listing a whole batch of names said to be screen testing for various roles.

Miles Teller has previously been linked to the project, and his name crops up again here, as the supposed frontrunner for the part of Mr. Fantastic.

Next up is Sue Storm AKA The Invisible Woman, with the report claiming that Kate Mara is set to go up against Emmy Rossum for the part originally played by Jessica Alba.

Finally, we have Christian Cooke testing for The Thing, while the villain our heroes will be facing off against is said to be Doctor Doom. Intriguingly, THR says the studio hasn’t ruled out switching genders for the latter…

The report does go on to say that it is early days in the casting process, and that new names may yet be thrown into the mix, but don’t be surprised if any of the above are suiting up when the film arrives in the UK on 18 June 2015.

George Wales

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