Michelle Pfeiffer and Ashton Kutcher find Personal Effects

There are odd movie concepts. And then there’s the idea behind the new Michelle Pfeiffer/Ashton Kutcher vehicle that has us frankly scratching our heads.

Adapted from Rick Moody’s short story Mansion On The Hill, Personal Effects will chronicle the trials and tribulations of our narrator, Andrew Wakefield, who is grieving his sister after a tragic, pre-wedding car crash. By a not-at-all unrealistic coincidence, he’s landed a job with a posh wedding planner business, with his story related via a blend of memories and present-day peeks at his life. Yeah, sign us up for that one!

Is it a comedy? A drama? A bird? A plane? Hopefully we’ll know more once the thing’s actually in production. Filming is supposed to kick off later this month, but there’s no sign of a director yet.