Michael Jackson dead at 50

Michael Jackson has died unexpectedly at the age of 50.

While the circumstances of his death were initially shrouded in mystery – early reports had him in a coma after a cardiac arrest early on Thursday afternoon, he was rushed to the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles where he was eventually pronounced dead.

Though best known for his music – including such best-selling albums as Thriller, Off The Wall and Bad, Jackson was a mysterious, misunderstood figure, particularly later in life.

But he was also fascinated by the art of making movies, and launched a career in cinema with The Wiz in 1978.

But our favourite Jackson On Film moment has to be the John Landis-directed, 14-minute, zombie-influenced promo for his 1982 song Thriller.

Despite recent personal troubles, he had planned a series of comeback concerts in London next month.

Born in Indiana in 1958, Michael Joseph Jackson is survived by his parents, his eight siblings and three children.

[Source: BBC ]

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