MGM is Dressed To Kill (again)

It used to be a huge stigma for a movie to be punted direct to video – or in these modern days, direct to DVD – but now companies are riding the wave of better quality DVD “premieres” even though plenty of us still think it’s an easy way to ditch junk.

MGM is hoping its remake of Brian De Palma’s classic thriller Dressed To Kill will fall under the prestige title and not be seen as a bad idea sent straight to cinematic limbo. In fact, it’s so confident that the new Dressed is the spearhead of a whole new DVD label.

Rick Alexander is hard at work penning a script for the remake of Brian DePalma’s 1980 thriller which saw Nancy “Robocop” Allen’s prostitute witness a murder committed by a tall, blonde woman.

There’s no word on who might direct or star in the new version, and we can be pretty sure that De Palma won’t come back to direct. After all, he never revisits his themes in film. Ever.

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