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Maniac Cop remake snags a director

Nicolas Winding Refn's proposed remake of the cult horror, Maniac Cop, has at last secured a director in John Hyams, whose involvement Refn announced to Twitch at Fantastic Fest this weekend. Known for directing two of the better Universal Soldier sequels, Day of Reckoning and Regeneration, Hyams later confirmed the news via Twitter.

The movie entered development a few years ago with director of the 1988 original William Lustig and writer Larry Cohen spearheading those efforts. Shortly after, Refn joined as a producer, and late last year comic book scribe Ed Brubaker signed up to redraft the script.

Lustig and Cohen's tentative plans were for a preque,l but it's now expected to be a regular old remake, focusing on an undead cop who patrols the New York City streets killing those he's meant to serve and protect. Robert Z'Dar starred as the titular copper alongside Tom Atkins and Evil Dead veteran Bruce Campbell. Perhaps Hyams will be able to lure back Campbell in an obligatory cameo, or better yet, as the Maniac Cop himself.

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