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Mandy Moore voicing Rapunzel

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi - better known as nerdy, spy-assisting Chuck on TV - have been picked to voice Rapunzel and the dashing bandit she meets in Disney's new take on the fairy tale.

Disney's been trying to crack a version of the story for ages, but after John Lasseter came aboard to run the place, he chucked out all the previous ideas and started afresh.

The result is - or will be, by 2010 - a 3D animated adaptation of the tale that picks up the heroine's story as she's rebellious teenager. Escaping from her high tower, she goes on the road with a sexy thief even as her captor pursues them.

And while the likes of Kristin Chenoweth had been touted as possible Rapunz-tonsils, it looks like the Mouse House is going for something a little younger at heart.

Byron Howard, who worked on Bolt, and Nathan Greno are cracking the whips on the animators to get the 'toon ready for next year.

[Source: THR ]

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