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Liam Neeson stars in first poster for Tak3n

A first international poster has landed for Tak3n , the third instalment in Olivier Megaton’s popular action series, in which Liam Neeson returns to smash some more terrorist skulls.

The new poster features Bryan Mills standing underneath what appears to be a Hollywood Hills-style sign, focusing on the “3” from the new title.

Speaking of which, we can’t say we’re hugely enamoured with the film’s new moniker, but the studio certainly seem to be pushing it for all its worth here…

As to the plot, all we know is that Mills will be fighting a war on two fronts, as the US government and a new batch of Euro-nasties both have our man in their crosshairs.

Directed by Megaton and co-starring Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and Forest Whitaker, Tak3n will open in the UK on 8 January 2015.

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