Justin Long confirmed for Live Free Or Die Hard

When Total Film sat down to talk to Justin Long about Accepted, he was still on tenterhooks as to whether he’d actually be joining the cast of Die Hard’s fourth instalment. After cranking open his gob at a couple of junkets to announce he was in the running, things went very quiet as the negotiations continued.

But he told us then that he’d spoken to Bruce Willis about playing the part of the young punk who helps him fight a pack of cyber-terrorists intent on taking down America’s computers, and that he was excited to just be considered. Now he’s had some good news – he's officially on board.

And Maggie Q, fresh from a stint as a Mission: Impossible agent in M:i:III has also scored a role in the movie – she’ll be playing a hacker out to get McClane.

Underworld’s Len Wiseman is about ready to start directing, and production should start in a few days.

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