Jeremy Piven goes wild

Huzzah! After years of scene-stealing and workmanlike support, Jeremy Piven has finally been given his own starring vehicle. And we couldn’t be happier in the TF office, as Piven is a perennial favourite.

He’s in final negotiations to star in an untitled man-versus-nature project for New Line. Piven will play a smug real estate developer who accepts a challenge from his boss to bulldoze and develop a forest of natural beauty in the hopes of grabbing a promotion. But he hasn’t counted on the natural inhabitants of the forest – and Bambi and co aren’t exactly happy with his plans. He’s soon the target of animal chaos. Originally titled Furry Vengeance, the film is currently hunting for a slightly less embarrassing name.

Okay, so it’s not up there with Sideways, which saw fellow character stalwart Paul Giamatti finally get showered with the love he deserves, but it’s a start. And Piven has been tearing up the small screen as monstrous agent Ari Gold in HBO’s Hollywood-spoofing Entourage. Now we may finally get to see him as more than just John Cusack’s mate.