James Franco joins Rise Of The Apes

Talk about diversity.

James Franco has just signed up to two new projects – comedy Ricky Stanicky , and monkey prequel Planet Of The Apes .

Heat Vision report that in Rise Of The Apes , Franco is set to play a scientist working on a cure for Alzheimer’s by testing on apes. When test subject Caesar suddenly begins to rapidly evolve, the scientist takes him home to remove him from the cruel lab doctors.

That’s about all we know for now, but one of two things could happen: either the film will end up dovetailing into the original Charlon Heston flick. Or Caesar will turn out to be a female and the film will devolve into an apeshit romcom.

WETA will be looking after the film’s special effects, while all of the apes are expected to be CGI. What happened to good old-fashioned prosthetics, hmm?

Still, with Franco onboard this should at least turn out to be a better experiment than Tim Burton's lifeless Planet Of The Apes reboot.

Director Rupert The Escapist Wyatt is planning on shooting this summer, with a release date of 24 June 2011 pegged down.

Source: [ Heat Vision (opens in new tab) ]

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