How they got Lost

Okay, so maybe you’re still caught up with the findings down the hatch, trying to work out who the Others are and wondering why no one’s eaten Hurley yet – but in the US, viewers of the dangerously addictive show Lost are heading for the season two finale and maybe a few more answers than you think.

The show that loves to leave you out-of-the-know is finally going to let its loyal audience into a few secrets, so says Executive Producer and scribbler Carlton Cuse.

“We are going to tell you why the plane crashed. We're going to explain what happens if you don't push the button and we're going to resolve the Michael-and-Walt story,” Cuse told Newsweek.

Don’t get too hopeful just yet Losties – co-creator Damon Lindelof wants to ensure people know that there will still be a few twists, the odd turn and plenty of questions left unanswered.

“We never promised that there would be a unified-field theory of Lost,” Lindelof said. “You'll get many small answers along the way, and ultimately you will understand this island, but all those answers might not necessarily be reduced to a simple one-sentence explanation.”

Hmm… anyone else getting the feeling that maybe these fellas don’t know the answers themselves?

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