Gyllenhaal denies Two-Face rumours

It may be a casting masterstroke, even too cool for Christopher Nolan – nabbing Jake Gyllenhaal to line-up alongside Heath Ledger’s Joker, as Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent in The Dark Knight? Surely even the king of big-budget hipness couldn’t pull that one off?

Well, according to Jake’s agent, no, he couldn’t.

“No, the other guy from Brokeback Mountain is in it if you haven't heard,” Gyllenhaal’s rep said. What a wag!

The internet has been swamped with talk of Jake picking up the role of the former District Attorney who has one side of his face disfigured with acid and goes just a little loopy – becoming super-villain and Bat nemesis, Two-Face.

The Dark Knight is set to film early next year, with Christian Bale returning to the Batman role that won him huge critical acclaim in 2005 with Batman Begins. Batman will battle against twisted comic-criminal, The Joker, played by Gyllenhaal’s Brokeback Mountain co-star, Heath Ledger.