Free Men Hardy

Terry Pratchett, officially Britain’s Hardest Working Fantasy AuthorTM, has been pumping out his Discworld novels for what seems like centuries. Hollywood often stops by to take a look at his work, dabbling, but never staying too long – or letting the project languish in Development Hell (as fans of the non-Discworld effort Good Omens can attest).

Which is why news that Sam Raimi – the man who brought Spider-Man swinging onto screens – is planning an adaptation of a Discworld novel is such good news.

Once he’s finished working on Spider-Man 3, which starts shooting next week, Raimi will make The Wee Free Men, Pratchett’s madcap take on fairy adventures. The plot sees a nine-year-old farm girl desperate to rescue her little brother from the clutches of a devious fairy queen. Aiding her in her quest are six-inch-tall Scottish brawlers The Wee Free Men. Cue copious drinking, much sheep stealing and endless fights as Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride) adapts the book.

It sounds like perfect stuff for Raimi to get his teeth into. And who knows- if he’s successful, perhaps this will open a gnarled, mystical door for other Pratchett goodness to leak into the cinema…