Fantastic Mr Fox will steal into London!

Good news if A) you've been eagerly anticipating Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox or B) the 53rd Times BFI London Film Festival - the movie will open the event.

The festival's organizers have just announced that the stop-motion 'toon will be screened on Wednesday 14th October on the first night.

Co-written with regular collaborator Noah Baumbach, the film sees the titular character slipping back into old habits and pursuing local chickens.

Soon his thieving ways attracts the attention of local farmers, and Mr. Fox must band together with friends and family to outwit them.

"Fantastic Mr. Fox is a British film - based on a Roald Dahl book, set in the UK, produced in the UK - and so I am especially pleased to have been invited to be the opening night movie of this year's London Film Festival," enthused Anderson.

"We had a wonderful experience at the LFF with my previous film, and I am eagerly looking forward to introducing Fantastic Mr. Fox to the world in this wonderful venue."

The full schedule will be announced on Wednesday 9 September and the festival will run from 14-29 October.

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