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Dracula: Year Zero to shoot next June

Sam Worthington has added Alex Prayas’ Dracula: Year Zero to his roster of upcoming flicks.

Last we heard , Worthington was merely considering the part. And with the flick set to be shot early in 2011 in Australia, it didn’t seem likely Worthington would be able to fang-up thanks to his Clash Of The Titans 2 commitments.

But it appears that there will be no, ahem, clashes in Worthington's schedule after all, and Dracula will go in front of cameras next June, with the actor starring as Prince Vlad of Transylvania.

“As written it’s literally on the scale of Braveheart with Dracula,” producer Mike De Luca told Collider earlier this year. “So it’s a lot of…it’s armies. It’s an invading Turkish army.

“It’s a lot of supernatural action. It’s wonderful. Like it’s an epic love story. It’s got everything you want in a movie like this but it’s tricky and it’s big so we’re trying to figure out how to do it in the most efficient way.

If there’s anything Worthington can do it, it’s action. But can be bring a brooding, sensual, creepy presence to Dracula? This could be his biggest challenge yet.

Other projects on Worthington’s slate are Avatar 2, Quatermain, Man On A Ledge, Dan Dare and The Last Days Of American Crime.

Think Proyas can bring something new to Vlad? Or will this just be bad? Talk to us below...