Dougherty Calling All Robots

Michael Dougherty made his name co-writing X2 and Superman Returns with Dan Harris and Bryan Singer, and he’s just had his first stab at directing with Trick ‘r Treat, his Halloween-themed drama.

While Trick is still waiting on a release, Robert Zemeckis must’ve liked what he saw because he’s offered Dougherty the chance to develop, co-write (with fellow idea-spawners Breehn Burns and Simeon Wilkins) and direct Calling All Robots, which will use the same performance-capture technology Zemeckis has employed in the likes of Beowulf.

Robots doesn’t have a solid plot yet, but as Dougherty told Variety : “I grew up watching Godzilla movies. This film is very much rooted in those movies." Let’s hope that well doesn’t get drained by the time Robots reports for duty in the next couple of years, since DreamWorks’ Monsters Vs Aliens will visit similar B-movie style scenarios…