DJ Caruso to helm Y The Last Man

What a difference a hit makes. Fresh from delivering box office sleeper success Disturbia, DJ Caruso has gone from being “that pillock who made Taking Lives” to “sought-after director”.

The latest company to seek him out is New Line, which has hired him to direct the adaptation of Brian K Vaughn’s beloved cult comic adventure Y: The Last Man.

Carl Ellsworth will pen the latest draft of the script, which follows the book’s plot. A strange plague kills off almost every male mammal overnight. A magician and his male pet monkey set out on a quest to discover what happened to all the “Y” – or male – chromosomes. Women, meanwhile, celebrate a world where they have complete control of all TV remotes.

There’s no word on when the film will start shooting, and Caruso doesn’t have a cast in place yet. But given that Disturbia star – and now Transformers/Indy breakout Shia LaBeouf – has already expressed his desire to play the lead, can a casting announcement be far behind?

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