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Deathgames recruits Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries babe Nina Dobrev has just completed her first season of the hit show – and cinema’s already come calling in the form of action thriller Deathgames .

The futuristic flick has previously recruited the likes of Kellan Lutz and Samuel L. Jackson, and has also recently added other TV stalwarts Daniel Dae Kim and James Remar (along with Derek Mears) to its cast list.

Dobrev is set to play Lutz’s wife, the Twilight star having been kidnapped and enslaved to a gladiator arena where men fight to the death for an audience of salivating online fans.

The flick – which is also going under the less awesome title The Killing Game – is the directorial debut of visual effects artist Jonah Loop.

Considering she's kicked a little booty in VD (though nothing in comparison to Buffy), we're hoping Dobrev gets to do more than just sit pretty for the film's running time. Though we don't have many complaints about her doing that, either...

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