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Cillian Murphy announces Im.mortal

Cillian Murphy


Inception player Cillian Murphy has joined Amanda Seyfried in Andrew Niccol’s dramatic sci-fi I’m.mortal .

The film is set in the near future, where it's now possible to purchase immortality (if you’re rich enough). The fall-out of that is the Earth's over-population laws are governed by those rich enough to live the longest.

When a broke bloke called Will comes into some money, he’s accused of murder and hits the road with an heiress (Seyfried).

Murphy will play an officer from a group called the Timekeepers, who it is assumed will be involved in tracking down Will - a character that Justin Timberlake is reportedly in negotiations for.

Niccols – who also directed Gattaca and Lord Of War – is expected to start shooting the movie in September, though he’s also attached to helm the remake of The Host .

Would you like to be immortal?