Chuck Palahniuks Haunted optioned

Filmmakers just can’t stop optioning Chuck Palahniuk’s work. And the latest to hit the development cycle is the thriller Haunted.

Haunted finds a group of characters heading off for a writers’ retreat, only to discover that they’ll be forced into a Survivor-esque competition for food, power and heat.

The competitors grow increasingly desperate and start to plot to stay alive, figuring that they’ll end up the star of an eventual film or reality show based on who survives.

Newcomer director

Variety reports that former agent Brian Levy’s new management company has nabbed the rights to the book and hired director Koen Mortier to direct the eventual film.

Mortier’s not exactly a name director on these shores, but then Choke helmer Clark Gregg was better known for acting and he turned in a great film.

Still, who knows when Haunted will actually make it out of development – at least three other Palahniuk tales are still stuck in limbo.

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