Christopher Nolan to direct Ready Player One?

Warner Bros. may have provided Christopher Nolan with his next film, with Tracking Board reporting that the studio has offered him the chance to direct sci-fi project Ready Player One.

Based on the novel by Ernest Cline, the film will be set in 2044, where a teenage boy is steadily becoming obsessed with a virtual-reality utopia known as the OASIS.

This digital world promises untold riches to anyone who can unlock the pop-culture puzzles embedded by its creator, but unfortunately for our hero, there are other players willing to kill for a shot at the jackpot...

Zak Penn has written a script, although has freely admitted taking some major liberties with the source material, given the prohibitive expense of securing rights to all the pop-culture properties involved.

Whether or not the project will float Nolan’s boat remains to be seen, but the report claims that an offer is currently on the table, with the director currently mulling over his options…

George Wales

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