Catherine Hardwicke joins The Monkey Wrench Gang

Given that very few people made the trip to go and see her version of The Nativity, you might think that Catherine Hardwicke would be having a tougher time than usual getting her next film assignment. But it looks like she’s managing just fine.

Hardwicke has signed up to direct The Monkey Wrench Gang, which will be adapted from Edward Abbey’s 1975 novel, which prompted a new age of environmentalism that saw people “monkey-wrenching” – or sabotaging building projects and road construction to save the planet.

William Goldman – yes, the Princess Bride writer – and Christian Forte have written the script, which follows George Hayduke, a Vietnam vet who discovers that his beloved natural southern Utah countryside is being threatened by an industrial development. He joins forces with three others and together they become eco-warriors battling against miners, forest destruction and bridge builders.

The comedy drama will crank its cameras this May across New Mexico.