Bryan Singer: TV powerhouse

He’s already successfully launched one TV show and helped with at least two others; and now Bryan Singer is launching a fresh assault on the small screen.

The man behind the X-Men franchise has a little show by the name of House to his credit – he’s an executive producer and he directed the pilot and at least one more episode in the first season. He also co-produced the recent sci-fi miniseries The Triangle (about the Bermuda Triangle, not the musical instrument) and was one of the early names associated with the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series (though he didn’t end up working on the final version which made it to air).

But just having helped with House would be enough to have the networks sniffing around you. And so it is with Singer – he’s signed a healthy three-script deal with ABC, the channel that shows Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives in the US. Under the terms of the deal, one of the scripts he develops is guaranteed to at least go to pilot.

"Television has an organic quality to it," he gushed to The Hollywood Reporter. "Movies are pretty set. TV shows are open-ended - they can evolve over time. You put something together in a quick time frame and get to create something that could have a long-lasting effect.” Sounds like someone’s a little cheesed off with movies after Superman’s slightly dodgy box office...