Brave souls

With the Iraq War proving a huge cultural touchstone, it was only a matter of time before projects directly referencing it started to arrive. So here’s The Home Of The Brave, set to be directed by Irvin Winkler.

The plot focuses on three soldiers who are returning home after a lengthy tour in Iraq and find that re-entering "normal" life after the continued trauma of battle is not an easy task.

Jackson plays a doctor who has been stationed in Iraq for several months. After months of holding it together on the home front, his wife is thrilled when he returns to his home and his regular practice. However, the man she sent away to war is not the same man that has returned. To her shock and dismay, her husband is rapidly unravelling before her eyes. No word on whether Mendes plays his wife or a fellow trooper affected by the war.

Filming starts February in Spokane, Washington State. Here’s hoping Sam Jackson kept his military gear from Basic. It’ll save them, at least a few quid…