Bill Murray's feeling mayoral

Bill Murray will want to get stocking up on those environmentally friendly, long-lasting light bulbs for his next job, because he’s signed up for energy crisis fantasy City Of Ember.

Monster House’s Gil Kenan is switching to live action for his next project, which finds Murray as the Mayor of Ember, a city that has been vibrantly alive for years, lit by millions of glittering lights. But the city has a big problem – its famous generator is failing and the light are dimming. What can save the place? Since this is a kids’ book, the answer would be two teenagers, who set off on a quest around Ember to unlock the mystery lurking at its heart.

Saoirse Ronan and Infamous’ Toby Jones are co-starring in the movie, which Walden Media is funding. Caroline Thompson has adapted Jeanne DuPrau’s novel and Kenan starts shooting this summer in Belfast.

Now if only the Ember residents would learn that the answer to their woes is having children running on giant hamster wheels. It’s how we keep the lights working at Total Film Towers…

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