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Half-Life 3 is still MIA, but you can check out Half-Line Miami instead

Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are first-person shooters about a scientist named Gordon Freeman who - somewhat inadvertently - becomes the savior of Earth when aliens invade the planet. Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 are top-down shooters about … uh … well, let's just forget about the confusing plot and focus on how brutal and violent they are. You wouldn't think there'd be much room for a crossover there, but then, you're (probably) not the creator of Half-Line Miami.

Modder and designer Thomas Kole has reimagined Valve's landmark FPS through the lens of Dennaton Games' violent murder spree simulator, and the result looks pretty fantastic. The sound effects of enemies and weapons are spot-on, and the famous Gravity Gun gets to wreak some serious havoc. See for yourself:

Kole writes on the game's IndieDB page that "most gameplay stuff is done, now it's down to making maps." He also notes in the YouTube video's description that the mashup will be available "somewhere" for free soon.

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