Aronofsky takes Robocop out of Detroit

Darren Aronofsky has revealed that his new Robocop reboot will break tradition from the series and move away from previous locale Detroit.

“I don’t think it’s set anywhere that’s recognizable,” he told MTV . “But we’ve got to get a screenplay. We’re deep in it.”

Aronofsky was more guarded when pressed for further details. He said there wasn’t much to say until the screenplay was written, but did say he was attracted to the project because “it’s an interesting landscape.”

What to expect

The Robocop reboot was confirmed earlier on this year by MGM and is projected for a 2010 release. Producers Brad Fischer and Mike Medavoy previously stated that the movie wasn’t a remake or a sequel, and fans should expect an R-rated movie.

Whilst details are thin on the ground, Aronofsky's interest in cult film director Shinya Tsukamoto could provide a glimpse of what to expect. Tsukamoto’s first film Tetsuo – an influence on Aronofsky’s Pii - dealt with related themes to Robocop.

Aronofsky might also expand on Verhoeven’s religious subtext, given the spiritual aspects of Pii and The Fountain.

Having said that, he might surprise us all and just have a twenty-first century Robocop blowing the crap out of a nameless city.

Regardless, we’re sure that Sean Guillette and Mark Margolis will turn up somewhere. And Clint Mansell will obviously do the score.

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