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Arnold Schwarzenegger could be taken Captive

Fresh from the announcement that he'll enjoy a beefier role in The Expendables 2 , Deadline is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star in action thriller Captive .

The former Governator would play a real estate magnate living in Brazil, who is captured and held for ransom in the back of an armoured prison truck.

It sounds a little like a slightly more spacious (and slightly less subterranean) take on Buried . It's promising that Arnie isn't going to take on a role that's too physical, but will he be able to carry something heavily character-orientated?

Before that, Schwarzenegger will shoot another actioner, Last Stand , which, intriguingly, is the US debut of Korean director Kim Ji-woon ( A Tale Of Two Sisters , I Saw The Devil ).

There's currently nothing new to report on Cry Macho , the film that was expected to herald Schwarzenegger's return to acting after leaving political office, before problems in his private life seemingly derailed the project.