10 gets the remake treatment

With Alfred Hitchcock and other acclaimed masters of cinema not safe from the encroaching remake brigade, what hope is there for a genius of onscreen laughter like Blake Edwards?

None, it would seem, as Edwards’ Pink Panther has already gotten the Steve Martin treatment, successfully enough to generate a sequel. And now Edwards’ other most famous comedy – 10 – has been snapped up too. Most famous as a real watershed moment for many blokes of a certain age with its iconic image of a cornrowed Bo Derek running towards camera in a swimsuit in slow motion in a sort of proto-Baywatch moment, the original 10 found Dudley Moore unhappy in his relationship with Julie Andrews. He falls for Derek, but soon realises that maybe he’s made a mistake.

There’s no writer or director attached, but the producers aren’t letting that stop them getting on with the most important element: getting a young newcomer to don the swimsuit and start running… Variety is off to the beach .