Kilmer is KITT

This is one of those stories to make you roll your eyes and marvel at how stupid Hollywood types can be…

Thanks to a slightly important conflict of interest, funnyman Will Arnett is out as the voice of KITT, the talking, self-aware car in the new Knight Rider TV movie. See, the new KITT is a Ford Mustang, the company is advertising all over Knight Rider network NBC… And, oh yes: Arnett has been the voice of rival US carmakers GM for years. Whoops.

Variety is reporting that Val Kilmer will take over the tonsil tour of duty, despite the American air-date confirmed for later this month. Can you say scramble?

Did no one check into this? No one? Not even legendary perfectionist (and Knight Rider producer) Doug Liman? And we were so looking forward to hearing Gob Bluth’s sardonic tones. Still, Kilmer’s not a bad replacement choice…


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