How to make a hipster mixtape using only movie songs

Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist is about to hit the London Film Festival (this Sunday, 19 October), so we thought we’d dance around the office in celebration, to the sounds of our very own hipster mix CD.

You see, anyone can create a movie soundtrack mixtape. Open with ‘We Built This City’ by Starship, close with ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship, make sure you stick ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin in there somewhere, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

(These kids don't like Starship)

But creating one that’ll impress the sort of hipster kids found in Nick And Norah? That’s a little bit tougher (unless they’re in an ironic mood, in which case you can probably get away with the above).

For starters, few bands are cool enough to get away with being put on a movie soundtrack in the first place. Scenesters scowl when one of their favourite tracks is scooped up by the mainstream and turned ‘trendy’.

There’s a joke in Nick and Norah that sums up the mentality: “I think I was the first person outside of the band to hear that song,” complains Nick about a track on his car stereo.

Hipsters like to believe that they are the only people to have a band on their iPod. As soon as that song appears in the public domain, it gets deleted.

So, our first tip – check the tracklist of films no-one has ever heard of .

For example, we bet you missed street-fighting classic Never Back Down when it was in cinemas, but did you know it contained indie disco anthem Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio? Christina Ricci was in Desert Blue. So was Cat Power’s classic Metal Heart. We’re pretty sure only those two women are aware of those facts.

If your chosen hipster doesn't know your song selection came from a soundtrack, they can't get offended. Whether or not you take the satisfaction of telling them is up to you.

Second, check the tracklist of films cool kids will never see. You’re not going to catch any self-respecting vegan in the gore-splattered Strangers, but you will find at least one album by soundtrack star Joanna Newsom in their collection.

(Get your CD right and these girls will fall in love with you)

Next, check the documentary section of your local record store. Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston; they’ve all been the subject of brilliant docs and every song that appears in those flicks is fair game. That's a vast legacy of tracks to choose between.

Finally, check the CV of any hip band to come out of New York in the past 10 years.

NYC bands like The Strokes might be stylish, but you can bet that they’re not too cool to pick up a royalty paycheque, even if it means writing a song specifically for the Spider-Man soundtrack.

(Nick doesn't know Norah stole Julian Casablancas' coat from the Spider-Man set)

Our mix:

1.    Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio (Never Back Down)
2.    TKO – Le Tigre (Accepted)
3.    Echoes – The Rapture (Superbad)
4.    Wait – The Kills (Children Of Men)
5.    Metal Heart – Cat Power (Desert Blue)
6.    Sprout & The Bean – Joanna Newsom (The Strangers)
7.    True Love Will Find You In The End – Daniel Johnston (The Devil And Daniel Johnston)
8.    Someday – The Strokes (Click)
9.    Phenomena – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (The Ruins)
10.    Time To Pretend – MGMT (21)

Like it? Then let's start our own infinite playlist - comment your own mixes below!


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