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Trespass image released online


Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman are the victims of thuggish looters in new film Trespass , and we’ve just been given a look at them in a new still from the movie.

Directed by Joel Schumacher, Trespass stars the two Nics as a wealthy couple living in a “lakefront dream house”. But their dream turns into a nightmare when they are targeted by gun-toting thieves.

Currently shooting in Shreveport, Los Angeles, Schumacher spoke to EW and revealed: “There are cross-connections between the family and the [ criminals ], and many secrets come out.”

Meanwhile, Cage was reportedly keen to play one of the film’s central villains, but his director convinced him to become the hero instead.

“I know Nic would have been brilliant as the bad guy, but I wanted him to play the hero. It went back and forth and finally ended up where it should be.”

With Cage’s career on an upswing thanks to great turns in Kick-Ass and Bad Lieutenant , could Trespass continue the trend? Kidman and Schumacher could do with a hit themselves, so fingers crossed some of that Cage magic rubs off on this one…