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Scream 4 adds Adam Brody


Scream 4 casting has been through the mill a bit this week, with Lauren Graham and Lake Bell both out thanks to casting conflicts.

Well, LA is full of hungry actors, so it’s not long before replacements are found. And it looks like Marley Shelton (of Sin City and previous, dreadful slasher flick Valentine ) has landed Bell’s role of a deputy who knew Sidney in high school.

Meanwhile, geek chic Adam Brody (last seen in Jennifer’s Body and the best thing about TV's The O.C. ) has bagged the role of a cop who was raised on CSI TV shows and recently graduated from cop school. Plenty of opportunity for pop references there, then.

Finally, Erik Knudsen has also joined the film in the kind of role that Jamie Kennedy filled out in the first two – namely as a horror movie expert who has some handy hints for surviving a real life slasher movie.

Scream 4 started shooting this week in Michigan. The film’s secrets are being kept tightly under wraps, with even members of the cast unaware of who the killer is.

Scream 4 opens in 2011.

Think this sounds like a scream?