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Ryan Gosling joining Farragut North?

Ryan Gosling

George Clooney may have bagged the leading man for his next directing gig in the form of indie favourite Ryan Gosling.

Currently setting about adapting the politics-infused play Farragut North by Beau Willimon, Clooney was reportedly looking to cast either Leonardo DiCaprio or Chris Pine in the lead role of Stephen Meyers.

With both of those names passing, Clooney is now negotiating with Gosling for the part. Within the story, Meyers is an idealistic press secretary who is hired by an unorthodox presidential candidate. Meanwhile, his one night stand with a teenager could prove disastrous for the campaign.

Cast already in place for Clooney’s fourth directing gig are Philip Seymour Hoffman as Meyer’s veteran boss and Paul Giamatti as a rival candidate.

Whoever Clooney gets for his lead (and we hope it’s Gosling), we’re excited to see what he’ll do with the play, which cryptically refers to itself as “a classic tale of hubris set against a contemporary landscape”.