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Pixar making DTV Planes



Pixar Studios are developing a new movie called Planes , which is expected to go straight to video.

No, don’t worry, they studio haven’t lost their Midas touch. It’s all part of their plan for a Cars spin-off. See, Cars 2 is revving into cinemas next summer, and the studio want to release something that would help amp up the expectation.

It makes sense, considering Cars was never a massive box office success – and both Toy Story 2 and 3 were at first targeted as DTV releases. Could Planes turn into a big screen flick?

With Pixar, anything could happen. Nothing is yet known about the story, though we imagine the usual Pixar staples will be there – perhaps a buddy relationship between two aeroplanes in an airport. (Will they go dark and tie it into 9/11? Somehow we doubt it.)

Cars 2 opens on 22 July 2011, with Monsters, Inc 2 set for 2012.

Source: [ Movieline ]

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