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Neeson and Credric join Selma

Liam Neeson and Cedric The Entertainer have joined the cast of Lee Daniels’ Martin Luther King historical drama.

The director of this year’s hard-hitting Oscar-nommed tearjerker Precious has already confirmed that Hugh Jackman and Lenny Kravitz are attached to Selma . The flick focuses on the Civil Rights march in 1965, which Dr Martin Luther King Jr led from Selma to Montgomery.

MTV broke the news of Neeson and Credric’s involvement, with the former set to play President Lyndon Johnson.

Cedric will play Ralph Abernathy, who helped King to organise the march.

The role of King himself has already been won by Last King Of Scotland ’s David Oyelowo (above). The last remaining lead role to be cast is that of Alabama Governor George Wallace, which, contrary to reports, hasn’t been taken by Robert De Niro.

All this really shows us is that Daniels’ pulling power has gone through the roof since Precious , with a diverse band of talents all keen to get involved in the director’s next project.

Will it reach the same heights as Precious ? We really hope so.