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Vin Diesel stars in first trailer for The Last Witch Hunter

The first trailer has appeared online for The Last Witch Hunter, Breck Eisner’s supernatural action film in which Vin Diesel stars as the titular slayer of witches.

A centuries-old warrior, Diesel finds himself facing a witch-based threat like never before when a prominent coven threatens to unleash a deadly plague on modern-day New York. Fortunately for him, there’s help on hand from the lovely Rose Leslie, who just so happens to be a witch herself…

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

This first trailer seems to be keeping the witches themselves fairly close to its chest, although from the brief glimpses shown here, they’re all going to be very beautiful. Hopefully that won’t stop gruff old Vin from getting all righteous with his flaming sword…

Directed by Eisner and co-starring Elijah Wood and Michael Caine, The Last Witch Hunter will open in the US on 23 October 2015 and the UK on 6 November 2015.

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George Wales
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