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Kingsman 2 suiting up for 2017

Development on the Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel is moving forward faster than expected. Earlier in the year Matthew Vaughn confirmed that he was tapping out a script for the follow-up, but remained shady on whether or not he'd be back in the director's chair. That hurdle isn't stopping Fox from locking down a release date, as the movie is officially scheduled to drop on June 16, 2017.

Taron Egerton,who starred alongside Colin Firth in the first movie, was initially thought to be tied up in a schedule conflict with Robin Hood: Origins, making his return impossible. However, he's since been confirmed for the sequel, unlike his co-star Firth (for ... reasons).

Still, Egerton's young spy Eggsy held his own during the final act and, considering the movie raked in upwards of $400 million worldwide, the Kingsman brand is a hot commodity for the studio. With the sequel eyeing up a summer 2017 release, however, it won't be an easy win. It's sandwiched between two major releases: World War Z 2 and Wonder Woman.

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