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Jonathan Liebesman to direct Julius Caesar epic

julius caesar

Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman has been recruited by Warner Bros to direct an epic based around the life of Roman general Julius Caesar.

Penned by Chris Boal, the film will track Caesar’s formation of the 10th Legion and the battles that eventually led to him becoming ruler of the Roman republic.

A franchise-hungry Warner Bros are hoping the story has enough depth and scope to turn into a profitable series.

Their plan is to create a hit by casting a major star as Caesar (you can bet they’ve got Michael Fassbender on the blower). A second film would then follow Caesar’s journey to Egypt and his assassination.

Caesar was previously played by Marlon Brando in 1953's Julius Caesar . He was nominated for an Oscar for his efforts.

Liebesman is currently finishing up work on another epic, having just wrapped shooting on the Clash Of The Titans sequel.

Wrath Of The Titans opens March 2012.