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High School teaser trailer online

Yes, that is Adrien Brody over there in the corner, looking a darn sight weirder than he does in this year’s Predators .

Why’s he look so odd? No, he’s not just having a bad day. He’s starring in Sundance hit High School , for which Parallel Media have just released the first trailer. You’ll find it below.

Adrien plays a character called Psycho Ed, which should give you some indication of the motivation behind the bug-eyed look.

And in this newly-released red band trailer he’s got a voice so gravelly that the producers of the Nightmare On Elm Street remake are probably wondering why they didn’t think of him for the new Freddy (oh yeah, they bagged the equally awesome Jackie Earle Haley).

The film takes place at the end of a school year, when Principal Gordon (Michael Chiklis) has had a major clamp down on Mary Jane – that’s marijuana for you buttoned-up types. Anybody who fails a compulsory drug test gets the kick.

Leave it to valedictorian Henry Burke to come up with an (ahem) crack (sneeze) pot scheme – get the whole school high!

Not that this trailer tells you any of that. But savour its expletive-riddled wonderfulness anyway...

Wish you'd done this when you were at school?