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George Lucas: The Ultimate Celebration on sale now!

Gear up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens with our massive George Lucas celebration, on sale now!

Pick up this glossy special, packed with rare concept art, behind the scenes photography, exclusive interviews and in-depth guides to all the movies from the mighty Lucasfilm George Lucas: The Ultimate Celebration is your definitive look at the man who built some of the biggest franchises of all time.

As well as Indiana Jones and Star Wars we also explore Lucas' other weird and wonderful hits from THX1138 to American Graffiti, Willow and Howard The Duck. As well as bringing you a complete guide to the spin-offs, the merch, the influence and the legacy of Lucasfilm.

And of course we bring you'll all the latest news, gossip and everything you need to know about The Force Awakens,ahead of the new Star Wars movie, coming to cinemas this December.

George Lucas: The Ultimate Celebration is on sale now!